MBL Project Maps

Unforgotten LIves

This project gives us a powerful, interactive and immediate sense of the connection between past and present: between the streets we continue to walk on today, and the places where people of African, Caribbean, Asian and Indigenous heritage made their marks centuries before. Explore the interactive map that details people’s baptisms, burials and some marriages, or follow the journey. Or, follow 135 journeys drawn from the several thousand entries that make up the Switching the Lens database, where approximately a quarter of parish records make reference to that person’s place of origin.

Ignatius Sancho’s London

This project showcases evidence about the life and times of Ignatius Sancho, one of the eighteenth-century’s most important Black Britons. Born enslaved, Sancho came to occupy a unique position in London society that straddled the elite social worlds of the aristocracy and the everyday life of the city.